Origin Story

Raised during the dawn of the digital age, we’ve spent our careers creating ecommerce and digital media brands mostly because it's just what we knew how to do. Throughout our various endeavors, we’ve experienced both unimaginable successes and equally devastating failures. These ups and downs taught us a few things about what matters, and what doesn’t.

Ironically, it was the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 that brought us together in the first place. In those early days, a small group of us would get together around a campfire under the starry Hill Country sky to discuss work, life, and the meaning of it all. Of all the places on planet Earth we could be during the lockdown, we were lucky enough to be in the magical state of Texas.

Texas has a strange way of shaping and influencing people who make it their home. Throughout our time around the campfire, we developed a deeper appreciation for our home state and a strong desire to create. Free from deadlines, goals, or a plan of any kind, we simply started designing Texas-inspired artwork, which we eventually used to make our first hats and tees.

Texas Hill Country Provisions was born from a deep sense of gratitude, freedom, and our shared Texas experience. We work hard to honor that original spirit we discovered around the campfire by always creating the best stuff we can. Every product we make is a labor of love, and we hope you love them too.

Hill Country Headquarters

Visit Our Shop In Austin, Texas

Our design studio and retail shop is located in south Austin off Highway 290. We're open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. Come on by!

9300 Highway 290 West
Austin, Texas 78736

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